Through 31 video lectures, audio play along tracks, and PDFs, learn to:

  1. Create a consistent and beautiful vibrato on your violin or viola, from the beginning stages of the technique through advanced applications using time tested methods developed in Laurel Thomsen’s lessons studio since 1996, and inspired by the teachings of Ivan Galamian and Dorothy Delay

  1. Fix vibrato issues that may have previously held you back, such as a vibrato that is too fast or too slow, inconsistent, non-existent, as well as issues with particular fingers and mobility

  1. Understand and apply the most appropriate vibrato for each historical time period and musical situation

  1. Apply the right kind of vibrato to fiddle waltzes and airs, plus, add a dose of cool with an alternative Rock and Blues style vibrato technique

  1. Plus, enjoy educational articles, printable PDF practice outlines, and a detailed six month weekly practice guide to ensure you are organizing the various exercises effectively, all the while seeing and hearing your progressive achievements.


Download the “Vibrato 101” Violin Geek Podcast episode FREE for basics and a valuable coupon code for the course.
Excellent course!
Many thanks to Laurel for breaking down every component of vibrato in this course.

What students are saying:

           Laurel is a great violin teacher!
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Since my daughter followed Laurel’s techniques in learning vibrato, she started to play vibrato within a month and it really surprised me, and now she is getting better and better.
Complete Vibrato Mastery

with Laurel Thomsen

Every great song deserves a great vibrato!

No course on vibrato, except yours, has worked for me. Thanks for the attention to detail and crystal clear instructions! A real string tone is beginning to emerge after a couple of years of false starts.

Laurel Thomsen

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